Sue Irish Walking

Walking into the Woods

Sue Irish Stewart, a Harbor Springs local and woods-hiker, shares her thoughts on taking walks…

I love the simplicity of spending time in these northern woods. They say you never step in the same river twice, and the same is true of walking into the woods; they are different everywhere you go, any day you visit. You don’t have to have special equipment or skills, and everyone belongs–there is no elite or veteran woods-hikers looking down on novices.

This year I set myself a goal of visiting each of the 200 or so Little Traverse Conservancy nature preserves. With some reluctance, I let a colleague convince me to write a blog about it– As I feared, blogging involves regular computer entanglements and complications, but I’ve decided it’s worth the hassle because the people who read it so often want to talk to me about what I’m doing and about their own experiences and plans. And that’s the one thing that can improve any outdoor adventure: sharing it with others!



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