Winter Porcupine

Ski Adventure

Sue Esser, a local and avid nordic skier, shares her story.
I love winter! The adventure begins just outside my backdoor. I click into my cross-country skies and swoosh down the hill in the soft, fluffly snow.

What direction today? I decide to head north past the pond, frozen now and blanketed in white.

What are those tracks up ahead in the snow? Mr. Coyote has been back, making his nightly rounds. Into the open field I ski where the ravens glide; glossy black feathers against a bluebird sky. Three deer scamper back into the forest from the edge of the field, white tails flagging. I ski into the woods.

Time to check on the porcupine residence. Home is a huge beach tree with a large crack in the trunk. Fresh tracks in the snow mean that the resident has been out foraging. I look up. There he is, high in the branches of a tree, a prickly ball gnawing on the soft inner sugar maple bark. The sky in the west is turning a deep shade of lavender and the trees are making long shadows on the snow. Time to turn my skis toward home and dream of my next adventure in our fabulous winter wonderland.



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