Model T

Life in the Past Lane

Kristie Holzschu, a teacher at Harbor Springs Shay Elementary, shares a story of her family’s adventure in a Model T.

After a few checks (oil, water and gas) and a turn of the crank—or push of the starter (Shh!), the motor roars to life. Actually, the sound is more like a tick-tick-tick of the coils inside the 1926 engine of our Ford Model T. With that we are off to #seekouradventure.

Oftentimes you’ll see us heading downtown with the family—yes, our black lab too, for a walk or ice cream. The Model T is also a great car to take to the beach. In the spring and fall, however, we find ourselves out on the road less traveled for hours at a time enjoying the scenery. It’s an experience every person should have at least once in their life. Each time we go out, we make observations that we’ve never noticed before—an old barn with tools out back, a house way up on top of a hill, or a tree that just simply has fallen over. Our senses are awakened. There’s no radio and cell phones are only used for emergencies and to check our speed.

The best part of this adventure is the fact that at two years, John can tell you how to check over the T and start it. Not to mention he loves going for rides and calls it “his” Model T. You see, we’re commited to making sure our son can slow down and enjoy life in the past lane.



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