Backyard Adventuring-Eagle Eye

If you’re a parent trying to wrangle your ‘littles’ with the Stay Home, Stay Safe order, I get it. And I’m here to help with a fun way to divert some time today.

My ‘littles’ aren’t so little anymore (three teens), but I’m wrestling with the same stuff just on a different scale.  Yesterday’s divert-and-distract tally included a not-so-small kitchen fire. Today we’re headed to the backyard…

So, wherever you live, here’s a sure-fire way to engage your kids in a fun hands-on “game”. (Hint: avoid the word “activity”.)  You can get a good 15-50 minutes outside with this one. And if you transition just before the wheels come off, you can get another 20-40 minutes inside with a follow-up “game”.  This game, Eagle Eye, taps into kids’ natural love of collecting things and getting crafty.  

Have fun and enjoy exploring your own backyard!



What You Need:
Empty egg carton or anything that your kids can use to collect stuff. (Open, flat containers are better than bags because you want them to see what they’ve curated.)

What To Do:
Head outside on a scavenger hunt. The goal is to search around for cool stuff. (Stuff that is interesting to them (not you. Things that catch their eye and make them curious!)


  • Pretend you’re an eagle using your 20/4 eyesight.  Look around for things that we overlook. Slow down and take LOTS of time…
  • Collect only the things that are most interesting to you.  (Feel free to talk about all the guidelines for good collecting practices and returning things back to where you found them.)
  • Tell a story (the longer, the better!) about each item and why you found it interesting and important enough to collect.

Extenders (How To Make This Fun Game Last Longer):

  • After they collect their own treasures, give them a list (yell it out or write it down) of more things to find. These could be things they have to run and touch instead of collecting (e.g. lie down and look at the sky for 10 seconds; run and touch the base of 3 different trees)
  • Do a brain-game and think of 5 different ways you can use each treasure.
  • Go inside and draw each one of your treasures.  
  • Write a story about each one of your treasures. Or combine them into one plot line with a main character.

Top 3 Tips:

  • Parents, leave your phone inside. Kids can feel our distractedness. If you give your full attention and explore alongside your kids, that time will come back to you in spades later in the day.  
  • Have fun! 
  • Bribe (yes, I said the “B” word) your older kids with a chance to use tech. Teenage girls can turn just about anything into a tiktok video.


*Please observe all recommended social distancing practices during your adventures.  Stay healthy, safe and Get Out Here*